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PhysiRun Lab: 2 Physilog®5 + 1 Running Analysis Desktop Software (unlimited license) + 1 Smartwatch

Now available! Fast and accurate running stride analysis in natural conditions using 2 Physilog® 5 sensors to be worn on the feet, a Sartwatch remote control  & the Running Analysis Software


  • 2 Physilog® 5
  • 1 Running Analysis Desktop Software (unlimited license)
  • 1 Smartwatch
  • Accessories (2 rubber clips, 2 elastic straps, 2 USB cables, 1 transport case)

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Foot strike parameters including foot strike angle, contact time, asymmetry, impact, stiffness, a clear report (PDF) and in detailed cycle-by-cycle table (Excel)

Main features:

– Possibility to analyse long recordings (up to 4 hours)

– Possibility to select a specific period to analyse

– 8 foot strike parameters

– Detailled cycle-by-cycle analysis

– No internet connection required

– Collect your data and analyse it later (standalone recording)

Easy-to-use in outside and natural conditions

Automatic alignment and calibration 

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